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This page will cover the various options in your Account Settings.

Account Freezing

Going on holiday, need a break, or have a RL emergency where you won't be able to take care of your account?

How To Freeze


Go to your Stable Settings and scroll to the bottom option: 'Account Freezing'. If you click the 'Freeze' button, a window will come up that will allow you to freeze your account or purchase freezing credits. You can freeze you account at any time during the meet and the freeze will begin immediately. The pop up window will also show how many meets worth of credits you have available, and give the option to purchase more.


What Happens?

While frozen, your horses will not be at risk of being rescued. They will not lose condition or morale, but will also not gain energy. Jockey contracts will also be frozen, so you won't be at risk of losing your jockey as long as your account is frozen. Peak (and growth/soundness) will still increase/decrease. You will not be able to access your account while it is frozen, but have the option to return early.

Freezing Credits

Free credits are earned with all Pro upgrades of 12 months or longer. Forever Pro accounts will also earn 1 free credit each game year. Existing upgrades have been retroactively awarded credits based on the amount of time currently remaining on the upgrade. Each credit is good for 1 meet of freezing time. Months with only 1 meet will only use 1 credit, while months with 2 meets would require 2 credits. Thus, each week of RL time would take 2 credits regardless of racing/breeding season.

Changing Display Name And/Or Stable Name


Did you hastily sign up without giving much thought to your Display Name and/or Stable Name, or simply wanting a change? These are easily changed under Stable Settings. The second option: 'Display Name', is the name that every other player sees and the name you use on the Forums, Live Chat, and CBox. The third option: 'Stable Name', is exactly as it says on the tin - this option will change your whole Stable Name.

Changing Regions


Go to your Stable Settings and click on the first option: 'Region'. Once you click the 'Change' button, a window will pop up that will allow you to change the Region your stable is situated in, and therefore your home Region. This does however cost FFH Cash, and you are limited in how often you can change Region in a year.

Changing Skins


Go to your Stable Settings and click on the first option that is third from the bottom: 'Skin'. Once you click the 'Change' button, a window will pop up that will allow you to change the skin you are currently using to play FFH. All of us have different preferences, so don't let the default skin put you off playing!

Avatars & Signatures

You'll also see in your Account Settings that there are options to add avatars and signatures. However, these are only available with a Pro Account. Your Signature will be used in any Forum posts and your Avatar is displayed on your stable page, in the Forums, and Cbox. There are many members that offer to make graphics for those who are unable to do so themselves.

Stable Banner


You can add a banner to your stable profile at any time. You must abide by FFH rules; you should not use copyright artwork/photos unless you have proof of consent from the artist. This also means you may not use hotlinked photos/art, EVEN if it is a stock image. If you are using images via Creative Commons, you must provide Credit to the artist. There are many members that offer to make graphics for those who are unable to do so themselves. Your banner must be uploaded to some sort of hosting space, you can use websites such as Photobucket for free to do this. After you have done this, you simply enter the whole URL into the box as you can see above.

Stable Prefix


Once you have earned your fourth Breeding Star Skill on the Skills Page, you will be able to add your very own Stable Prefix to any foals that you breed! Your prefix can be anything, but it's recommended that you pick something unique to your stable so that you can build your own brand name and eventually other members will recognise foals bred by you!

Profile HTML

Example of an HTML div style layout.
Example of a CSS overlay layout.

You can make your stable profile completely unique to you and can utilize your stable colors in doing so. This can be done using a simple HTML div or table style layout, or a full blown CSS overlay. If you aren't HTML or graphics minded, there are members who offer these types of services. Otherwise, there are also plenty of tutorials available online and free graphics programs such as GIMP to help you design your own.