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The bank can be accessed from navigation in your Stable or by clicking the Bank Icon on the right sidebar. From your bank, you can view your account history (list of transactions) or transfer money or Pro Coins to another player.

The bank does not actually let you make withdrawals or deposits. All of your money is always on hand, and this amount can be seen on the right sidebar, in the Account Info section. You can also see how many Pro Coins and Trader Tickets you have in that same area.

Here are a few ways to make money:

  • Racing: This is probably the easiest way to make money in the game. Enter your horses in races and see your cash amount rising when they win or place in their races! There is no such thing as a 'bad' horse on FFH! Even the seemingly worst horses can earn their keep - so race them!
  • Replying to News: What do you think about the news? Go post your comment and you will earn a small amount of cash! Please remember that spamming comments to earn more cash is forbidden.
  • Selling items: In your User Shop you can sell the items you don't plan to use for either cash or PC!
  • The Recycler: Aka: Rusty! Feed him your junk and if you're lucky enough you could earn a PC or Rumpled Package, which contains cool items.
  • Standing Studs: This is not the best way to earn money if you're a new player, but later on in the game this can be an excellent source of income.
  • Sales and Auctions: Selling horses in the sales and yearlings in auctions is always a good way to make cash. Take note that horses almost always earn more by racing than you'll get for selling them, so it's good to keep a good amount of yearlings and racers. You should really not be looking into selling horses until you have a solid string of consistent money-earners.
  • Referrals: Do you have friends that could enjoy FFH? Go send them the link to the game and don't forget to tell them your ID# so they can put it in the referral box when they register.
  • Sponsoring Races: You will earn cash each time a horse enters one of the race you created. This can be very lucrative if you actively sponsor your limit of races each meet. The ability to create races is a skill (last skill in Business) that you must earn.
  • Trader Tickets: Once you have a stable amount of horses (usually 30-50 racing horses is a decent amount), you might want to consider selling Trader Tickets back to the trader. This can be done from your right sidebar. 5 Trader Tickets can be cashed in for 1 PC, which can definitely add up over time! Cashing in Trader Tickets early in the game is NOT a good idea, as you'll want as many horses as you can to help you establish your stable.
  • Seasonal Events: During certain times of the year, the Vale will have special events going on. These may happen directly in the Vale or may be ways you can interact with other stables (such as throwing snowballs). These events often offer monetary (and sometimes PC) prizes as well as random items you can sell for cash.