Breeding Season

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Breeding season takes place from February-June. Mares will remain pregnant for 11 months. For example, if a mare is bred in March, she will foal in February of the following year. This means foaling takes place from January-May.

Horses may not be bred out of breeding season for any reason! Breeding requests may be sent from December-June, and may be accepted starting in January.

Your mare can have her first vet-check in the month following her original breeding. The results of this checkup will tell if the mare is in foal or if she didn't take. If she didn't, and breeding season is still going on, she can be re-bred. She will need to be shipped again to the stud for a re-breeding which can be done via the Mare Services page, found under the Breeding tab.

After the initial checkup, all mares will need to go to the vet one more time for a final checkup, which happens 5 months after the original breeding. This makes sure the mare is still in foal. Occasionally, results of this report may show that the mare is in foal with twins. While this can be an exciting thing, it is also very dangerous for mare and possible foals, so it's not as desirable as it sounds. The results of this checkup will also tell you if the mare has miscarried her foal. If she has, she cannot be re-bred this year, but may breed again the next year.

Breeding slots are earned for the following race year but are based on your member status and how many racing starts you have this race year. Breeding slots will go up retrospectively if you earn a new member status.

Green: 1 slot per 70 starts
Novice: 1 slot per 50 starts
Amateur: 1 slot per 35 starts
Savvy: 1 slot per 25 starts
Master: 1 slot per 20 starts
There is a maximum of 100 slots that can be earned.