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When initially signing up for FFH, you were awarded $1,000,000 FFH cash and 10 Trader Tickets (TT). You can obtain horses through a few different means using the above noted currencies: The Horse Trader, The Rescue Center, Sales Arena, Player Sales and Leases.

The Horse Trader

The Horse Trader can be found under the 'Services' tab. Each horse will cost 1 Trader Ticket and $10,000. Empty stalls will refill approximately every 15 minutes. These horses are generated at random and have the potential to be great competitors while most will never amount to much. Don't discount HT horses as a viable option for building your stable when you're starting out! You might be pleasantly surprised with what you find. Click on the name of the horse (Unnamed in most cases) to view more information before purchasing a horse.

You will continue to earn more Trader Tickets as you play the game. 1 TT is earned every other FFH month, these are automatically awarded to your account and do not need to be claimed. You can only keep up to 10 TT at a time, so it is wise to at least spend enough to earn more.

It is possible to earn more than 1 Trader Ticket every other FFH month. To learn more about leveling and skills, please visit the Leveling & Skills section.

The Rescue Center

The Rescue Center can be found under the 'Services' tab. Rescue horses are added at each month's rollover based on "neglect" (not being cared for by their owners). There may not always be horses available in the rescue, since they tend to be adopted quickly.

Sales Arena

The Sales Arena can be found under the 'Services' tab. Below the Spotlight Ad, you will see three different kinds of sales. There will be the Public Sales, Private Sales and Leases.

Public Sales

The horses found in the Public Sales will have a set price. You may click the 'Buy' button on the right side of the listed horse's entry. There is no waiting period. Once you click the buy button, you will be asked to confirm yes/no whether you wish to purchase this horse. When you click yes, the horse is yours, granted you have enough to pay for it.

Private Sales

The horses found in the Private Sales will have a minimum price listed. You may click on the 'offer' button to the right of the listed horse and offer equal to or more than the suggested price. Then you must wait for the owner of the horse to accept or deny your offer. These offers can be managed on the Managed Offers page. Sometimes this can take days so do not be discouraged.


The horses found in the Leases section obviously cannot be purchased but they can be leased or rented. You will received all the race winnings the horse may earn while under your care. You will also be required to take care of their needs: Training, feeding and racing. At the end of the Lease length (example: 6 months) it will be automatically returned to its owner.

Manage Offers

While you are in the Sales Arena screen, there are a list of links on the left hand side of your screen. The bottom link, Manage Offers, will assist you in keeping track of horses you have placed offers on, for how much, and will also allow you to remove an offer if you have made a mistake or no longer wish to wait for an acceptance. Also in this section you will be able to see your own horse's offers if you ever decide to place one up for sale in the Private Sales. Finally, this page will list any horses you have leased from another member or whom you have leased to, and how long you have left in the lease.

Additional Information

Now that you know all of the options for where and how you can buy your first horse, go get one and have fun! If you have any further questions about purchasing your first horse, feel free to enter the Discord, which can be found in your Community tab at the top of your screen. The Discord is definitely the place to ask any questions you may have. So come on in, say hello and ask away!