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Basic Colors

[Ee] Extension: Determines whether the horse will have a red or black base color. It is dominant, so any horse with EE or Ee will have a black base. Horses with ee will have a red (chestnut) base. Attached modifiers may make liver or flaxen chestnuts.

[Aa] Agouti: Modifies black bases into a bay. Bays are various shades of brown with black points (legs, mane/tail). This is also dominant, so any horse with AA or Aa will be modified into bay colors. This has no influence on red bases, but can be passed through red-based parents. An attached modifier gene will determine if the horse comes out bay or dark bay.


[Gg] Grey: Modifies all colors into grey. Grey colors progress over time, starting out showing more of their "base" color and eventually ending up white or near-white. This is dominant, so any horse with GG or Gg will be a shade of grey! This even acts over the special colors. The shade of grey will depend on what the extension and agouti genes for a horse are. An attached modifier gene adds the fleabitten coloring.



Dark Bay

Dark Bay (Agouti M1)

Wild Bay

Wild Bay (Agouti M2)

Liver Chestnut

Liver Chestnut (Extension M2)

Flaxen Chestnut

Flaxen Chestnut (Extension M1)

Flaxen Liver Chestnut

Flaxen Liver Chestnut (Extension M1 & M2)

Fleabitten Grey

Fleabitten Grey (Grey M1)

Uncommon Colors

[Cc] Cream: Modifies colors into cream colors, also sometimes referred to as "yellow". These include Smoky Black, Buckskin, Palomino, Smoky Cream, Perlino, and Cremello. Single dilutions (Cc) will make the first three, double dilutions (CC) will make the last three. The base color of the horse determines which it will be. Blacks will be Smoky Black or Smoky Cream, Bays will be Buckskin or Perlino, and Chestnuts will be Palomino or Cremello.

Smoky Black
Smoky Cream

[Rr] Roan: Modifies colors into roans, which is creates white flecking throughout the coat excluding the head and legs. This is also dominant, so RR and Rr both produce roan coats. The base color once again determines the color of the horse. Black makes Blue Roan, Bay makes Bay Roan, and Chestnut makes Red Roan. You may also occasionally get Smoky Black Roan, Palomino Roan, or Buckskin Roan. The only base colors it does NOT overide are GG/Gg greys or CC creams.

Blue Roan
Buckskin Roan

Rare Colors

[Dd] Dun: Modifies colors into duns. Duns are characterized by a dorsal stripe and leg barring as well as a diluted coat color. This is also dominant, so DD and Dr both produce dun coats. The base color once again determines the color of the horse. Black makes Grulla, Bay makes Dun, and Chestnut makes Red Dun. It is also possible to get both of these variations with roan. The only base colors it does NOT override are GG/Gg greys or CC/Cc creams.

Red Dun

[Zz] Silver: Modifies colors into silver dapples, which is characterized by a flaxen/silver mane and lightened coat pigmentation. Though these horses can have dapples, like any color, silver dapple is in no way related to a dapple grey. This gene is dominant, meaning both ZZ and Zz produce silver coats. The names for it will simply be Silver _____ based upon whatever color it is acting upon. The silver dilution ONLY influences black pigmented hairs. This means that any red-based (ee) horse will not show a silver coloration even if they carry the gene. It is possible to have silver variations in creams, roans, and duns. In addition to red based coats, Silver will also not influence GG/Gg greys or CC creams.

Silver Bay