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About Custom Horses

Custom horses are horses that are purchased with Custom Tokens and Add-On Points, both of which can be purchased in the Pro Shop. Custom horses can have unique colors and markings and you may select the age, gender, color, distance, and surface of the horse. They are typically slightly better than your average Horse Trader type horse, but are not guaranteed to be superstars, as there is still some degree of randomness in the script. Though they can still vary in quality, they are guaranteed to have no genes worse than Fair and should usually end up at least G3 racing quality.

You can also obtain custom horses by breeding. In terms of breeding, a horse is classified as custom (for races) if it has 25% or higher custom bloodline. For example, a horse with two 100% custom parents would be considered 100% custom but a horse with only one 100% custom parent would be 50% custom. You should always aim to breed horses that are 0% or 100% custom, or as near as possible. The farther they are from being purebred, the more they will be negatively impacted in terms of racing ability.

Special Rules

Custom horses are the only horses that can enter custom races. These are noted on race cards with the same icon used to mark a custom horse. However, custom horses are still eligible for all other races. You can enter them in any other race you wish, though you're always encouraged to enter custom races whenever possible. There are no other special rules regarding racing custom horses with the exception of series races. During series races (Trinities, WCF, Gemstones), custom horses have their own races within the series and MAY NOT enter the normal races in the series.

The primary breeding benefits of customs are that all PC purchased customs may stand at stud without having 50 points and all customs (mares and stallions) have a higher base foal limit than non-custom horses. Note: The higher base foal limits apply only to 100% purchased customs. Bred customs of any percentage will have the same base foal limits as other horses.

Standard Options and Add-Ons

The Custom Token will allow you to purchase a base custom horse. This includes any of the standard colors (except black) and markings, either gender, any of the allowed ages, any of the normal distance categories, and one surface.

Add-On Points allow you to further customize and beautify your horse to be something beyond the standard horse. These are used to add unique colors, unique markings, extended distance ranges, dual surface, and steeplechase abilities. Add-Ons cost various prices, which are indicated on the custom designer, as well as the list below.

+ = 1 AOP
++ = 2 AOP
+++ = 3 AOP
* = 1 Token (either dun or silver)
** = 2 Tokens (dun and silver)

A horse can only show ONE TYPE of paint marking, not multiple. Paint markings will override all other leg/face markings. That means any leg/face markings will be removed if the horse is given a paint marking. Items which give face and/or leg markings (Badger Bait, Courtly Masque, Santa's Snack, Silly Stocking) also cannot be used on horses with a paint marking.