Evaluating Race Notes

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The notes that appear in results will tell you what adjustments to make with your horse. You can get up to two equipment notes per race, as well as notes that indicate problems with surface, distance, energy, or fitness.

All notes can almost always be cleared within 2 races once you learn what they mean and how to adjust it. If you're having constant problems with notes, you might want to visit the Forum and post on the help boards to get some advice.

Distance Problems: Horses in a race that is too long for them will fade out toward the end of the race, and may even drop back significantly. Horses in a race that is too short for them will never have time to kick in, and will likely finish behind. Notes affiliated with distance problems include: Best stride late, In pursuit, Never threatened, Weakened, Retreated, Fell short and Distanced.

Surface Problems: Some horses run equally well on both surfaces, but some have a very strong preference for one or the other. If a horse has never been trained on a surface, they may not be much of a factor in the race. Notes affiliated with surface problems include: Dull effort and No factor.

Equipment Problems: Having the wrong equipment (or lack of) on a horse can cause significant disrespect or fear problems in a race. If your horse has notes that are related to this, you'll want to evaluate what type of equipment they need. The Tack Shop has a list of equipment and what problems each piece will fix. These correlate pretty closely to the notes you'll see in races - sometimes using a thesaurus can be useful. If you come across a note that isn't listed elsewhere on this page, you can be assured it is an equipment issue.

Energy and Condition Problems: Horses who have low energy or low condition will also have notes in races. These notes include: Came up empty and Lacked condition.

Injuries: If your horse is injured during a race they will earn a note. If they had a major injury, they will also receive a 'DNF' (Did Not Finish) instead of a placement for the race. Notes indicating an injury are: Returned sore (minor) and Pulled up (major).

Downgrading: Downgrading a horse is generally undesirable. Horses entered into lower grades have handicapped PRs and will also earn you less money/points than they're capable of earning. It's always in your best interests to enter a horse in the highest grade they're capable of running. Horses who have been entered in too low of a grade will have the note Handily.