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The Frequently Asked Questions section is collaborative, just as the rest of the Wiki is. Should you have any questions you were not able to answer while reading the Starter's Guide (or a section does not clearly answer your question) please feel free to post your question here in the same format as previously asked/answered questions. Making sure you use the same format will allow members to quickly use the Table of Contents to the right to find any unanswered questions or the answer to a similar question they may have. Remember, posting your question on the FAQ will not guarantee a quick response. Please remember the Discord is a wonderful and quick place to have questions answered.


1. How long is one "year" on FFH and when are the seasons?
One year on FFH equates to approximately 10 weeks in real life. Racing season runs between March and October (in-game months) and has 2 meets per month ('A' meet and 'B' meet). During Racing season, 1 month in-game is equivalent to 1 week in real-life. Breeding season runs between November and February (in-game months). Breeding season does not host any meets and every 2 months in-game are equal to 1 week in real-life.
2. What days do races run?
Races run twice each RL week - Thursdays and Sundays at 1am FFH time. If races will be running on alternate days, notice will be posted ahead of time. Special races, such as Trinities, Gems, Gold Cups, and World Championships often run ahead of the normal schedule since broadcasts for them may span several days. Enter those races within 24 hours to ensure they don't fill before you can get in!
3. Is FFH free to play forever?
Yes, FFH is completely free to play for as long as you would like. However, there are some perks and features on FFH that are only accessible for purchase with Pro Coins, a currency purchased with USD. Pro Coins and other paid perks are not necessary to play, but enhance your gameplay if you choose to purchase them. Pro coins are very easy to pick up without spending anything, so even if you cannot spend real money, with a little patience you will be able to gain most of the perks anyway!
4. Can my sibling/friend/roommate play too?
Yes. As long as we are notified ahead of time, two members from the same household/IP address are welcome to play. You may not collect rewards for referring someone from the same household, and should not transfer horses/money/items from one account to the other.
5. Can you help me with something I don't understand?
Have you checked through the rest of the FAQ, Wiki, and ToS? If you have and still can't find the answer, your next best bet is to go look on the forum or recent news. You can post in any of the discussion boards to get help related to a certain topic. You can also PM a staff member, but the Discord is usually the fastest way to get help! The Chat Box on the right hand side of every FFH page is a great way to get quick answers to simple questions.
6. How challenging is FFH and how much time does it take
FFH is what you make it. You can run a stable of 5-10 horses in 20 minutes twice a week. If you want to become a mega-stable with 200+ horses, it's going to take quite a bit more time. You can choose to play the site as a challenge, not purchasing stats, genes, or anything of that sort. Or, you can purchase things to make the game easier and more transparent but also less time consuming. In any case, there is a certain learning curve to the site and people rarely join and instantly become successful. You'll need to take some time to acclimate yourself with the game and learn the strategies to playing.
7. If I go on vacation for a while, will I lose my horses?
Not if you use the 'Account Freezing' option. While frozen, your horses will not be at risk of being rescued. They will not lose condition or morale, but will also not gain energy. Jockey contracts will also be frozen, so you won't be at risk of losing your jockey as long as your account is frozen. Peak (and growth/soundness) will still increase/decrease. You will not be able to access your account while it is frozen, but have the option to return early. To know more about it, go check Account Settings.

Horse Management

1. What do the different genders of horses mean?
Male horses are either listed as colts (C), horses (H), or geldings (G). The only difference between a colt and a horse is age. A gelding can't reproduce. Female horses are either listed as fillies (F) or mares (M). The only difference between them is also age.
2. How do I get more horses?
There are two primary ways to get horses. First, if you have trader tickets, you can visit the Horse Trader to purchase horses freshly created by the game. You can also browse the Sales Arena to purchase horses from other members. We also have an Auction once a year, in September, from which you can purchase yearlings.
3. Why do my horses keep getting hurt?
Vetting & Injuries details everything that can cause injury. In brief, there are two main reasons a horse may get hurt often. One - you are racing the horse with notes, on wrong surfaces, distances, etc. Two - the horse has high risk, and is simply prone to injury.
4. How can I breed my horses?
Horses can only be bred if they are retired from racing. You can also only breed if you've acquired breeding slots (earned simply by racing your horses in the previous game year). If you have retired horses and breeding slots, you'll want to take some time to study up on genetics and properly match each mare to suitable stallions. It is not in your best interest to simply breed whatever mare(s) you have to a random stallion you've acquired. (You'd likely end up with rather disappointing foals.)
5. Do I need to train my horse every month, even if it is maxed?
Yes! Not only can maxed horses still improve consistency, which is beneficial, but training provides half of a racing horse's care score. (Horses who aren't cared for are taken by the rescue.) Training is also what keeps your horse's condition high. If you miss training, your horse will not perform as well in races and could be more apt to get hurt.
6. What's the difference between normal (foundation) and custom horses?
Foundation horses make up the majority of the horse population on FFH. These are horses that are obtained naturally through breeding or creation by FFH. Custom Horses are horses which have been purchased using Pro Coins so you could chose their color and markings. The offspring of those horses are also considered either custom or mixed-percentage custom, depending on the status of their parents.


1. How do I know what races are available to enter?
Check the right sidebar to see what meet we are in. Then you can go to the Tracks page and click on a track and then Race Card to see if that track is hosting races this meet. If there are no races listed, there are none currently available at that track.
2. How many races can my horse enter?
Technically, there is no limit to the number of races your horse can enter in a meet. On a practical level, however, horses should not race more than once per meet unless they have been given sugar cubes. Most horses lose too much energy after a single race to be able to safely enter a second race in a single meet.
3. Why are some of my horses not able to enter races?
Yearlings, retired, and pensioned horses cannot race. In addition, horses who are hurt cannot race. If none of these are the case, your horse may not have a home track set or may not be saddle broke yet.
4. Can my horse enter any type of race I want?
If a horse has never raced before, it has no restrictions on what it can enter. It is in your best interest to actually find a race they will like, which you can determine by following the steps outlined in the tutorial. Once they have raced, they will eventually become ineligible for certain types and grades of races.
5. Where can I see how my horse did in a race?
You can view how your horse performed in a race by going to their page and then their Race History from the sidebar. You can also view all of the results for a track by going to Racing > Results and selecting a track. G1 stakes race winners can also be found in the Events (trophy) link in the right sidebar.
6. Why did my horse perform so badly in a race?
There is not an easy answer for this - every horse is different, though in many cases it is due to a combination of race notes, low morale, or low peak. You should have a good read of the wiki to get a firm grip on the dynamics of the game. You can also get in the Discord or contact a staff member privately to ask for advice about a particular horse