Feeding Your Horse

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Now it's time to get into caring for your horses. Your first task is to visit the Services tab and find the Feed Mill. Once there, go ahead and buy a bag of Steady feed. You will see quite a few other feed options, but Steady is the cheapest and easiest to understand how to use when starting out. Once you have a bag of feed, go back to your horse's page and click the Manage link on the left sidebar. This will take you to a page that gives you many options for things you can do with your horse. Feeding is one of the two primary functions of the page, so go ahead and find the area for feeding.

Feed options.

Feeding your horse is quite simple. All you have to do is select the type of feed you want to use from the top dropdown menu and click feed. If you're feeding Steady, the only thing the feed is doing is maintaininng your horse's condition by giving them care. The bottom dropdown menu can be used to 'Lock' a feed, which will set it to automatically switch to that feed type in the feeding options. Locked feeds also come into play if you have a Pro account and use the Auto Feed option.

Note: All horses must be fed each FFH month! (Once a week during racing season, and twice a week during breeding season, unless otherwise announced.) Failure to do so will hurt their racing performance and three (3) FFH months of not feeding and training will result in the horse being taken by the rescue center. (12 months if the horse is a custom.) Since each RL week equals 1-2 in-game months, this means you need to make sure to care for your horses at least once every-other RL week to avoid losing them to the rescue.

Next to feeds, you'll notice the option to feed your horse supplements. While not necessary, supplements can be fed in addition to your horse's normal feeds. They can be bought for PC on the Feed Mill page. For information on Pro Feeds and Supplements, visit the Special Feeds page.