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All feeds can be purchased from the Feed Mill

Regular Feeds

BLOOM.png Bloom -- $5,000

Bloom will increase maturity, but may increase risk.
Use on slow-maturing two year olds.

DEFEND.png Defend -- $5,000

Defend will decrease risk, but may decrease energy.
Defend will only work on horses with more than 40% risk.

ETERNITY.png Eternity -- $25,000

Eternity will prolong longevity, but may decrease morale.
Will add 1-3 races to your horse's longevity per feeding. May be fed no more than three times.

Focus.png Focus -- $25,000

Focus will increase Morale, but will decrease energy.
Focus should be fed to all horses until they can no longer eat it.

Hype.png Hype -- $5,000

Hype will increase energy, but may increase risk.
Use Hype to get a little more energy for training or racing - but beware rising risk if fed often.

Steady.png Steady -- $1,000

A basic feed formulated to suit any horse.
This is what you'll feed your horse unless they have a specific other need.

Pro Feeds

FeedLegacy.png Legacy -- 2 PC

Legacy will increase foal limits of breeding horses.
Legacy can be fed only once. It will add 1 foal slot for mares, and a few for studs.

FeedOracle.png Oracle -- 2 PC

Oracle is a supplement to improve a horse's low stats. Naturally, this will not benefit already near-perfect horses.
Oracle will raise the max stats, but will not add to your horse's current stats. It also will not work to help bypass a gelding restriction.

FeedProdigy.png Prodigy -- 2 PC

Prodigy will increase bloodline compatibilty for 1 year.
Prodigy will improve Bloodline compatibility to average. It has a year's effect on studs and a lifetime effect on mares.

FeedVigor.png Vigor -- 2 PC

Vigor is a supplement to improve a horse's fertility.
Vigor guarantees a breeding will take. It has a year's effect on studs and a lifetime effect on mares. If a mare is barren, feeding Vigor will improve her Fertility to low.