Feeds for Bloodstock

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Bloodstock are typically fed Steady, as none of the specialty racing feeds are of any use to them anymore. However, there are special types of feed available for purchase in the Feed Mill that are designed to offer benefits to breeding horses.

Prodigy: This MUST be fed in the same year in which the mare was bred. It can be fed to either the stallion or the mare, and will result in a guaranteed bloodline compatibility for the resulting foal. Horses who have been fed Prodigy will get a checkmark in the P column of the bloodstock page. The checkmark will disappear when the year rolls over, but the feed will still be in effect for all foals born that year.

Legacy: Legacy will increase the breeding limits of a horse and can be fed at any time (provided the horse is not pensioned). For mares, Legacy will add +1 to their foal limit. For stallions, it will add +4 to +6 to their foal limit. It can only be used once during a horse's lifetime.

Vigor: Vigor is a feed that will offer a fertility guarantee, meaning a guarantee to get in foal. This does NOT protect against stillborn foals. For stallions, feeding Vigor will offer a one-year guarantee so any mare bred to the stallion for the year is guaranteed to get in foal. For mares, this will offer a lifetime guarantee that she will get in foal every time she is bred (until she reaches her limit). Vigor will also raise mares who are barren back up to low fertility.

You can keep track of what special feeds/items have been used on bloodstock by going to their Breeding Info page, where you will find a table with check marks for these various things.