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Genetic Ratings can be purchased at the Geneticist via the Breeding tab. These will appear on a horse's Genetics page (linked in the left side of the horse page). This will give you ratings for all of the common genes - NOT any of the hidden genes. You'll often hear these ratings referred to as "Perfs - Performance Genes".


Genetic ratings have three different formats. Colors are rated as Homozygous (XX), Heterozygous (Xx), or Recessive (xx). Other single-pair genes are rated as High (XX), Average (Xx), or Low (xx). Finally, double-pair genes are rated as Outstanding (XX XX), Excellent (XX Xx/Xx XX), Good (Xx Xx/XX xx/xx XX), Fair (Xx xx/xx Xx), or Poor (xx xx).

With any genes that are rated (single or double) a higher score is usually always better. In some cases, like male probability or female influence, bad genes are not necessarily a bad thing. You'll want to read the genetics page for more information on the functions of all the genes.

A description of the various genetic ratings and what genotype colors and gene codes they correspond to.

Homozygous: XX (Green)
Heterozygous: Xx (Yellow)
Recessive: xx (Red)

High: XX (Green)
Average: Xx (Yellow)
Low: xx (Red)

-- XX XX (Green, Green)

-- XX Xx (Green, Yellow)
-- Xx XX (Yellow, Green)

-- Xx Xx (Yellow, Yellow)
-- XX xx (Green, Red)
-- xx XX (Red, Green)

-- Xx xx (Yellow, Red)
-- xx Xx (Red, Yellow)

-- xx xx (Red, Red)

A Genotype will always show you the exact genetic letters for the trait, while Ratings will only tell you the narrative description. For example, a rating might only say a horse is "Good" in Development, but a genotype would tell you which of the 3 possibilities for "Good" the horse is.