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General Icons

IconNo.png Horse has not had an action performed. (Feeding, training, entering, etc.)
IconYes.png Horse has had an action performed. (Feeding, training, entering, etc.)
IconInjured.png Horse is injured and has not seen the vet or is currently on stall rest.
IconRehab.png Horse is injured and is currently in rehabilitation.
IconCustom.png Horse is a custom (25%+).
IconGenetic.png Horse has genetic ratings/genotype purchased. (Used in auctions.)
IconPrivateSale.png Horse is being offered for private sale.
IconPublicSale.png Horse is being offered for public sale.
IconAuction.png Horse is currently consigned to an auction.
IconRace.png Race is an auto-qualifier for Gold Cups and League of Legends.
IconLevel.png Level - What level you are and how close you are to the next one.
IconMoney.png Money - How much you currently have in the bank.
IconProCoins.png Pro Coins - How many you currently have.
IconTT.png Trader Tickets - How many you currently have. (Used at The Horse Trader.)

Achievement Icons

IconGeneticMerit.png Horse has earned a Genetic Distinction.
IconGeneticMerit2.png Horse has earned a Genetic Merit.
PD.png Horse has earned a Performance Distinction.
IconPerfMerit.png Horse has earned a Performance Merit.
IconSup.png Horse has earned a Superior Stallion/Broodmare award.
IconSIPPlat.png Stallion has been rated Platinum by the Stallion Incentive Program.
IconSIPGold.png Stallion has been rated Gold by the Stallion Incentive Program.
IconSIPSilver.png Stallion has been rated Silver by the Stallion Incentive Program.
IconSIPBronze.png Stallion has been rated Bronze by the Stallion Incentive Program.
SIPgreen.png Stallion is a Freshman (less than 5 foals).
LoLIcon2.png Horse has won a League of Legends race.
IconWCF.png Horse has won a World Championship Festival race.
IconTrin.png Horse has won a Trinity race. (Comes in 3 colors).
IconTrinity.png Horse has won a full Trinity series (all 3 races).
IconGem.png Horse has won a Gem race. (Comes in a variety of colors.)
IconEclipse.png Horse has won a Gold Cup race.
IconPeerless.png Horse has earned a Peerless award for maxing at 60 potential.

Breeding Icons

IconNoFoal.png Mare is not in foal.
IconShip.png Mare is able to be bred, and has an accepted breeding request. Click to ship her to the stud.
IconCovered.png Mare has been covered by a stallion.
IconConfirmed.png Mare has been confirmed in foal. (Two hearts = twins.)
IconVet.png Mare is ready for a vet check-up. Click to perform check-up.
IconLimit.png Mare/stallion has reached their foal limit and can no longer breed.
IconBarren.png Mare is barren and cannot currently be bred.
IconMInjury.png Mare suffered foaling complications and cannot be bred this year.

Forum Icons

EmptyStar.png Unclassified (probably not yet viewed by an admin)
BigGreenStar.png Bug Board - Low Priority
BigYellowStar.png Bug Board - Moderate Priority
BigRedStar.png Bug Board - High Priority
BlueStar.png Bug Board - Completed
BigGreenStar.png Ideas & Suggestions - indicate that the idea or suggestion is likely to be implemented. Essentially, this means that the administration think this is a good idea that could benefit the site. This does not guarantee that it will be implemented nor establish any sort of priority. The nature and complexity of the idea, along with other projects/bugs already underway, will ultimately determine if and when the suggestion is implemented. This simply allows us to easily find the things we've marked as "oh yeah, that would be cool!" rather than them getting buried under new posts.
BigYellowStar.png Ideas & Suggestions - indicate that an idea or suggestion is undecided or neutral. Unlike grey stars, this means it's something we've reviewed and determined is not necessarily needed but not necessarily bad either. It's something we may revisit if time allows or if other changes are made that may make it a more viable option. These could also be good ideas that are just low priority compared to everything else in the works. In other words, this is a "maybe someday".
BigRedStar.png Ideas & Suggestions - indicate that a suggestion is unlikely to be implemented. These are things we've reviewed and determined to be unnecessary for the core gameplay or things that contradict our goals for the site. They could also be things that are (more or less) impossible or not worth the hassle they'd present. It is possible that a red star could eventually be a revisited topic, especially if other changes in gameplay occur. However, this is unlikely. Anything that is a definite "no" and we have determined would be against the good of the site may be locked. (Sorry guys, but sometimes there just has to be an end of discussion.) These may eventually be archived to prevent clutter.
BlueStar.png Ideas & Suggestions - indicate that something has been implemented! These may not always be announced via news if they are very simple fixes/changes. For example, if we changed the order in which horses show in a dropdown menu, we probably wouldn't announce it. If we make something bold or change a font size, it's not going to be announced. If you want to keep up with the little suggestions we're implementing, just check for blue stars! Most of these will eventually be locked and/or archived to help keep the board clean.