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Skills are things you earn by playing the game. The more you play, the more experience (exp) you get. You can view your current level and exp in the right sidebar next to the graph icon. At periodic intervals, you will earn enough exp to level up. A button will appear in the right sidebar when you have enough exp to level up. Clicking it will automatically raise your level, and you will get certain rewards when you do so.

The most important reward for leveling up is the ability to upgrade your skills, which you can view by going to your Stable and then Skills in the side navigation. Skill upgrades are not earned for every level (only odd levels), so it will actually take quite some time before you can ever master all 3 skill sets.

Each skill set has different perks. There is no right or wrong skill pathway to take, and what you do largely depends on your own interests in the site. If you want to focus entirely on racing, breeding will probably be the last skills you want to earn. If you want to focus entirely on breeding, it will probably be the first thing you want to earn.

Detailed information about what perks you get for each skill set is listed on the Skills page, so we won't cover that here. You can choose to master a certain skill path and earn your 10 Star status in it first, or you can choose to work on all three skill paths at once, improving a different one each time you can upgrade.

Note: Though you have freedom to decide what fits best within your goals, it is highly recommended you follow the skills in order they are listed. Training skills will be the most beneficial skills to a stable starting out, as they will improve your horse's abilities and race performance. Once you have made good progress on the Training path, you could then start adding in some Breeding or Management skills as you see fit.

The player's user level is marked in red.