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Welcome to Flying For Home (FFH)'s Wiki! This will help guide you through gameplay, with all the information from every aspect of the game. Please use the links to the left or the Starter's Guide at the top of the page to navigate through the pages.


Flying for Home (FFH) is a beta simulated Thoroughbred racing game that has been open to the public since March of 2013. FFH is a mostly-automated site with actively involved developers continually striving to make improvements. We aim for a blend of realism, fun, and functionality. FFH has a kind and close-knit community that welcomes anyone - those new to sims and horse racing, and old pros as well!

FFH has many exciting, realistic features such as:

   Unique, complex genetics system
   Individualized stats and traits
   Unique colors and markings for each horse
   Multiple racetracks with varied weather conditions
   Personalized training and feeding
   Jockeys, equipment, and more!