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If you glance at the sidebar on the right side, you should see something that says 'Status: ____'. If you've just joined, this should say that you are a Green member. There are six levels of membership: Green, Novice, Amateur, Savvy, Master and Diamond. Unlike the numerical levels and skills, these are not earned simply by playing the game, but by actually having success - as determined by racing points earned. The exact classifications are listed below.

Green: 0-50 racing points
Novice: 50-750 racing points
Amateur: 750-5000 racing points
Savvy: 5000-15000 racing points
Master: 15001+ racing points
Diamond: 50000+ racing points

Why have a status when we already have a numerical level based on experience? The numerical level is a great way for you to earn skills (ways to enhance your gameplay) simply by playing the game. However, it is entirely possible to play the game with a huge string of allowance racers who rarely win races. You could earn all of your skills that way, but would still not have a barn that can actually be competitive against someone else who has a barn full of superstar stakes racers. By having this status, based on your racing success (not just activity), it allows certain features of the site to be available only to members still getting on their feet.

Green status is, for the most part, a phase to learn the ropes but it does come with a few nice things like access to special sections of auctions. But once you become a Novice, you will have access to more things, such as the novice section of the rescue (which is reserved for the best horses in the rescue). As a Novice you will gain the ability to purchase extra breeding slots beyond what the game allots you for racing your horses. Additionally, whenever you move up in status, you will receive a selection of prizes from FFH as a reward. Moving up in status also comes with certain other perks, such as earning breeding slots more quickly and an increased chance of Consistency gains when training your horses. This keeps things fair for everyone by making it so that new members do not feel so overwhelmed by competing against already-established stables, while still offering incentives for moving up in the ranks.

The rewards you receive for improving your status are listed below.

Novice: 1 Custom Token, 2 Game Month Pro Upgrade (2 PC if you're Forever Pro)
Amateur: 1 Get Fit supplement, 1 Coal, 1 Mystic Meadow Background, 1 Enchanted Evening Background, 1 Blissful Bluegrass Background
Savvy: 1 Radiant Truffles, 1 Spilled Paint, 1 Robin's Nest
Master: 1 Dun Token, 1 Amore Charm
Diamond: 1 Silver Token

Breeding slots are earned for the following race year but are based on your member status and how many racing starts you have this race year. Breeding slots will go up retrospectively if you earn a new member status.

Green 1 slot per 70 starts
Novice: 1 slot per 50 starts
Amateur: 1 slot per 35 starts
Savvy: 1 slot per 25 starts
Master: 1 slot per 20 starts
Diamond: 1 slot per 20 starts
There is a maximum of 100 slots that can be earned.