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The "other" traits are traits that MAY impact how your horse performs in races, but also have influence over them in other ways as well. Many of these are also genetically influenced.

Growth: How physically mature a horse is. Horses with low growth are not yet physically ready for racing and may be prone to injury.

Soundness: The relative well-being of a horse. This is different from condition, and refers more towards long-term resilience. Horses with declining soundness are more prone to injury.

Energy: How much energy a horse has. A horse with more energy will be able to race more and perform more time trials.

Condition: How physically fit a horse is. A horse with low condition will be prone to injury, but if a horse is trained regularly, they should remain fit.

Athleticism: This determines how easily your horse improves and maintains Condition and Energy. The ratings for it are High, Average, or Low. Since this is a gene, it is something that can be bred for. It may also be improved by using Blazing Horseshoes.

Pace Preference: This determines what type of pace a horse likes. Closers tend to like fast paces, and frontrunners tend to like slow paces. Some horses may have no preference at all, and will run about the same regardless of the pace. Specifically, it is a comparison between the Early Speed and Late Speed stats and can be determined for sure if you have hidden stats.

Longevity: This is a number that is determined at birth which tells how many races a horse can run before it starts losing health. This number can vary greatly (depending on health genes), and some horses may only be able to race less than 10 races, while others could race 40+.

Bloodline: This is a unique feature that determines bloodline compatibility. Some bloodlines of horses mesh extremely well with others, while others do not. If you strike gold with the bloodline, you'll usually end up with horses who have better stats and will strong racing prospects. If you breed two horses together that don't have compatible bloodlines, you may end up with foals with much lower potential than expected.

Surface %'s: The surface percents are based on the surface genes of your horse. They can range from 10-100% and determine a small portion of your horse's racing score. Because of the variance, you may find that some horses who are Xx (yellow) for a surface actually race almost equally well on that surface as a horse who is XX (green) for that surface.

Distances: Distance can be found on your horse's main page. The color of the different furlongs will reflect the color stars on the exercise page. Green distances are the best distances to race your horse at. Yellow distances need more training to become green. And red distances are furlongs that have not yet been trained.

Favorite Distance: This is a hidden trait that can be viewed only if you have the Forever Pro account. If you do not, you can evaluate a horse's performance over several distances and often come to a guess as to what their favorite is. Please don't confuse this with a horse's full ability range! This it their favorite distance, NOT the only one they run well at. While they will perform slightly better at race at this distance, they will still run well at anything within their range.