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Performance Ratings (PRs) are something which you can purchase in the Pro Shop. These will tell you exactly what score your horse earned in every race they run. You'll find them listed on the race history for your horse as well as the race results pages at tracks.

Even if you don't have PRs, you can look at other horses in the race to see how your horse compared. For example, if one of your horses beat a horse who ran a 110 and another of your horses placed behind a horse that ran 70, you can see there is a wide gap in the talent level between your two horses. Generally speaking, the margin between horses * 2 = difference in PR. A 2 length margin would be a 4 point difference in PR.

Whether or not you have PRs bought, they will determine what grades your horse is eligible for. You can view the table of grade restriction on each horse's race history page. Some race types (MDN, NW2, NW3, NW4, NW5) have eligibility requirements based on wins, but Claiming, Allowance, Listed, G3, and G2 races all have restrictions based on PR. If a horse becomes ineligible for Allowance (or higher) they will also become ineligible for all of the win-based (NW_) races too.

The eligibility is based on a rotating average of your horse's PRs. It calculates the average of the most recent 3 races they have ran to determine their current average. This means that it could change week by week as your horse improves (or declines). For reference, the tables of maximum average PR per grade is listed below. Just remember, there is nothing wrong with racing a grade or two higher if you want - and sometimes doing so is in your best interests!

Allowance Grade 3 Grade 2
3yo+ 145165190
2yo 100120n/a

NOTE: PR eligibility is edited from time to time based on the current racing trends on the site. If a certain year has a lack of talent and lower PRs, the caps per grade may be lowered. If horses start trending upward with a lot of high PRs, caps for grades may be higher. Three year olds, especially, may be adjusted up or down based on the talent available in a given year.

If your 3 year old is running 150+, you're encouraged to stick them in G2 or even G1 against older horses. The only way they can qualify for WCFs is to enter G1 against older horses (or win a Trinity), so if you have a standout 3yo, please enter them there. (You will also earn more difficulty points for the race, which will be something that will help them with Year End Awards.)

Reminder: These numbers are the caps for the grade listed, which is the average a horse has ran over their past 3 races. If your horse runs a 100, 120, and then 150, it would have an average of 123, which would place it in a significantly lower grade than the 150 by itself would. As horses improve, they will gradually rise through the grades. If they get worse, they will potentially drop back down. You're highly encouraged to move your horse up as you see their PR improving, even if their average still opens up eligibility in lower grades.