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Recycler Prizes

RustyFigurine.png Rusty Figurine -- 8 PC

Aww...what a...cute...little pile of scraps! Rusty old scraps of metal things have been formed into the shape of a horse. Give this to your own dear ol' pony and watch as Scrappy Tobiano markings appear on their coat! (Not useable on horses who have Sabino or Overo.)
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MineralBlock.png Mineral Block -- 6 PC

This isn't your ordinary mineral block.'s a mega-sized mineral block! Give it to your horses to improve their longevity on the track!
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PedigreePurifier.png Pedigree Purifier -- 4 PC

Horses love this rainbowy syrup that tastes as sweet as it looks and is even more sticky. It's like...colorful molasses! Best yet, it has a special property that allows it to purify a horse's blood, making their lineage more pure.
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Crumbcake.png Confetti Crumblycake -- 3 PC

Possibly questionable ingredients aside, this colorful crumblycake is a confectioner's delight. Giving it to your horse will randomly reroll Heritage genetics.
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Skyscope.png Skyscope -- 6 PC

Arrrrr matey! Peer through ol' Blueeye's scope... Whatever you see, it's rumored that after looking through a Skyscope, a horse's eyes turn blue?
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AlfalfaCubes.png Alfalfa Cubes -- 6 PC

Scoop up a hearty servings of alfalfa cubes and feed them to your up-and-coming superstars! It will boost their growth and improve their condition!
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ValePrize.png Rumpled Package -- 8 PC

This package may look less than appealing, with dull brown wrapping and a bow made from bailing twine, but looks can be deceiving. It's a gift from the Recycler, and inside you'll find a secret surprise!
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Cloak.png Mistweaver's Cloak -- 8 PC

This ancient cloak will both randomize your horse's bloodline and conceal it for the horse and its offspring. It also improves Heritage, Peak, and Prime genes as well as producer quality.
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