Pro Items (Not Craftable)

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BloodTest.png Blood Test -- 3 PC

A Blood Test can be used on a horse to reveal their hidden bloodline type, which will appear on their Genetics page. Each item can only be used once.
Can also be purchased with FFH $ from geneticist.

CandyCane.png Candy Cane -- 30 PC

Is your horse looking a little plain? Use a Candy Cane to add Brindle markings to them! You can choose between one of four options.

Carrots.png Carrots -- 1 PC

You can feed a carrot to your horse to improve their consistency by 1-2 points. The change is permanent.

Coal.png Coal -- 8 PC

Give your horse some smudges with Coal! Using it will allow you to choose between one of three BendOr markings to add to your horse.
Helpful tips and additional info.

Dice.png Distance Dice -- 2 PC

Not satisfied with your horse's favorite distance? Distance Dice will randomly reroll it! The possibilities include everything, so this is a great tool if you decide to train a horse outside of their genetic bias range.

DNA.png DNA Splice -- 4 PC

A DNA splice can be used to improve a horse's genes. If a horse is eligible for it, you will be able to choose up to three "xx" genes (red) to change to "Xx".
Can NOT be used on horses high genetics.

Jellybeans.png Every-Color Beans -- 2 PC

Not a fan of the base color your horse got? Every Color Beans will allow you to select a new base color for your horse as long as they are genetically a color that has more than one base option!.

Goggles.png Googles -- 2 PC

These specially formulated goggles are designed to help your horse perform better in mud. You can give them to a horse to raise their mud preference by one level. The change will be permanent.

InstaSurface.png Insta-Surface -- 2 PC

Don't want to wait forever for a horse to train on a new surface? Using Insta-Surface will instantly raise the surface of your choice to 100%!

JumpStandard.png Jump Standard -- 3 PC

Test your horse's jumping abilities with a Jump Standard! It will make their Jump genes visible on their genetics page.

Clover.png Lucky Clover -- 4 PC

Use a Lucky Clover when buying a custom to increase your chances of getting a horse with improved stats and/or genetics.

MysteryBag.png Mystery Bag -- 10 PC

Will give you 25 Ultra Whips and a random assortment of 25 other Ultra tack
Does not include wraps.

RobinNest.png Robin's Nest -- 2 PC

A Robin's Nest will add 1 to your mare's breeding limit. It will also unpension your mare if she has already been pensioned, allowing her to breed again. It cannot be used on stallions.

SantaSnack.png Santa Snack -- 4 PC

What a delicious snack for Santa! If your horse happens to sneak a taste, they'll develop a new face marking as evidence of their naughty deed. The Mustache marking is genetic

Cookie.png Stained Glass Cookie -- 1 PC

Feed your horse a Cookie and raise maximum possible morale to 100!

SillyStocking.png Silly Stockings -- 3 PC

Silly Stocking will allow you to replace any existing leg marking with a stocking, tall stocking, or super stocking. It can only add one stocking and can only be used once. It does not work on any horse with a paint pattern..
Doesn't work on horses with any Paint markings

WhoopieBag.png Whoopie Bag -- 20 PC

Will give you 60 Ultra Whips and a random assortment of 60 other Ultra Tack."
Does not include wraps.