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These are the other unique stats/traits that each horse has which impact how they do in races. Most of these are not shown on a horse's page unless you have earned a skill or have a Forever Pro account. However, you can study how a horse races to get some idea of what they might be.


Courage: How how much heart a horse has to win. This is determined primarily by Temperament genes. It can be improved by training or certain items. Courage will increase in importance as a horse races in larger fields.

Filly Power: How well a filly does when racing against colts. This is randomly determined (not genetically influenced) and will only apply when a filly races against colts.

Colt Composure: How easily distracted a colt or gelding is when racing against fillies. This is randomly determined, and will go up with gelding.

Peak: A horse is at their peak when they are at a stage where they are most mentally prepared to race and race well. A horse in its peak will race better, living up to their potential. All horses have a predetermined age at which they will peak. The rate at which a horse gains and loses peak is genetic, so some horses will lose faster than others. Gelding a horse will also cause it to peak faster.

Prime: How many months a horse will remain at 100% Peak. Each star equals roughly three months. Once all the stars have disappeared, Peak will begin declining. Gelding a horse will raise Prime.

Click here for charts to visualize Peak and Prime. RadiantTruffles2.png 33

Mud Tolerance: How well a horse races in mud. This is randomly determined (not genetically influenced) and will only apply when a horse is racing on a wet track.

Morale*: How much desire your horse has to run in general. Horses with low morale may have very high potential, but just don't have any desire to run. On the other hand, horses with high morale love to run, and paired with talent and high courage, these horses are often the most competitive. Morale is the single-most important trait, aside from potential and Peak and Prime, that determines how well a horse runs. If a horse is performing worse than expected, this could be the culprit! *This will be covered in more detail in the morale section

Consistency: How well a horse behaves in races. It is determined primarily by the Temperament genes but can be improved by training or items. A horse who is inconsistent may act up in races, or run well some days and not other days. A horse with high consistency will run the same most of the time.

Experience: Horses gain experience two ways: by racing and by performing buddy workouts. Racing will always be the largest contributor to experience. Horses will earn experience the fastest by entering G1 races and running high PRs. Experience will always be in gradual decline if you aren't actively managing your horse to increase it.