Reading Horse Stats

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Status Stats (Percent Bars)

When you first buy a new horse, you will notice at the bottom of your horse's page there are four bars under the 'Stats' section. Each of these horizontal bars has a description as well as a percentage listed; they are Energy, Condition, Soundness, and Growth. The Traits and Stats part of the handbook will go into more detail on this, but you should go ahead and glance at this information for your horse so you know where to find it later.

Location of status stats on horse page. The 5th bar that can be seen below the main four is unlocked through Skills.

Training Stats (Stat Stars)

When you get your first FFH horse, no training stats will show. You'll have to go to the Traits Expert to purchase them. It's a good idea to purchase these for all of your racing horses, as they will give you a better idea of their racing potential.

There are six total training stats grouped into three categories: Frontrunner (Breaking and Early Speed), Midpack (Versatility and Rating), and Closer (Acceleration and Late Speed). With the basic traits evaluation purchased, these training stats appear as colored stars. The colors of the stalls correlate with your horse's stats. A red star is a stat from 1-3, a yellow star is 4-6, and a green star is 7-10. No stat can be higher than 10.

Location of stat stars on horse page, showing the different colors of stars.

You may notice that some horses have their exact stat numbers listed below their stars. To view these, you will need to purchase Stablewide Stats PC option. More about these can be viewed in the buyables section. They're useful to have, but not absolutely necessary when starting out.

Peer Comparison

See Peer Comparison in the racing tab.