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Rubbish is aquired by Rusty Recycler, located in the Vale. Simply feed the rubbish back to Rusty for the chance to win a prize!

CoffeeCup.png Coffee Cup -- $1

Could you use a little coffee to lift your spirits for morning barn chores? Today's not your lucky day...this empty cup has seen better days..

CrackedEgg.png Cracked Egg -- $1

Looks like an egg left over from a Robin's nest. The little bird is hatched and flying on to bluer skies by now.

HalterBuckle.png Halter Buckle -- $1

Looks like a piece of hardware left over from an old halter. Probably not worth much these days.

NutsAndBolts.png Nuts And Bolts -- $1

Maybe these were useful around the farm once upon a time... Now they're so rusted you might as well toss 'em out!

OldNewspaper.png Old Newspaper -- $1

Ahhh...a piece of history! I doubt many people want to read about Bob and bugs, though. Why toss the paper into a recycling bin?

OrnamentCap.png Ornament Cap-- $1

What an odd little piece of rubbish. It looks like it's probably the topper left behind from a shattered ornament.

RustyMetal.png Scrap Metal -- $1

This little sheet of metal is pretty banged up and covered in rust. Either the Recycler is falling apart, or it's making a subtle hint that you need to make some barn repairs soon.

TarnishedPocketWatch.png Tarnished Pocketwatch -- $1

Once upon a time, this pocketwatch was probably a real beauty. It might qualify as an antique now, but it definitely isn't in mint condition. If you try to clock your horses with it, you might wonder if they're running backward!

WormyApple.png Wormy Apple -- $1

Yuuuuuuuck! This apple is too rotted for even the most gluttonous horse to enjoy. Once a treat, this is now just a piece of trash.