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Wiki Rules and Expectations

This Wiki is available to the public and allows members to edit any and all content. Remember to be respectful and professional when making any edits on this site. Please reference the Wikipedia Rules page for all of the rules and expectations you are asked to withhold while being a member of this open-source community.

Website Rules and Expectations

1. Show respect to everyone on FFH. This applies to admins, staff, other membres, and guests to the site as well. If you are having a problem with someone, please let a staff member know and we will do our best to resolve it. Also, please realize that this site is not 100% automated and staff members do some things by hand. If it takes awhile, or happens later than it's supposed to - don't harrass us. It will get done as soon as possible.
2. Remain active on the site. You should make an effort to care for and race your horses each and every meet. Horses left unattended for 4 meets will be taken by the rescue center.
3. Do not claim ideas or work as your own that do not belong to you. This includes, but is not limited to: horse names, stable names, trainer names, and artwork. You may not use the name of a famous horse (whether real or fictional), nor should you use copyright artwork/photos unless you have proof of consent from the artist. This also means you may not use hotlinked photos/art, EVEN if it is a stock image.
4. It is your responsibly to keep up with news and updates. This site is in early beta, and new things are being added frequently. If it is posted in updates, the handbook, or anywhere else, you are responsible for being aware of it.
5. Make sure you have read the full Terms of Service. This rules page highights some important things to be aware of, but the ToS contains many other "rules" and guidlines for use of FFH.
6. New rules may be added when necessary. Since FFH is still in development, new rules may be added if we notice certain problems showing up. While the rules on this page are mostly about user conduct, there are gameplay "rules" and general guidelines that can be found within the handbook and FAQ - and these may be updated periodically as well.
7. If you notice a bug, report it on the Bugs forum. Do NOT post it in the c-box or Discord! In addition, remember that exploiting any bugs you find will be guaranteed to result in consequences, as outlined in the ToS.