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Select Sales

The select sale is a special sale occurring sometime in each real-life March, June, and September. At the select sale, noncustom horses with good genes, special markings, and/or special colors are sold auction-style for PC in the Discord Chat. All select sale horses will have genetics far superior to what you will usually find at the Horse Trader, and are guaranteed to have at least average producing ability. Some groups of select sale horses may be guaranteed to have high producing abilities or nearly-perfect genes; this will always be noted in the news post prior to the sale.

Each select sale has 2-3 sessions on different days and at different times, to allow as many members as possible to attend at least one sale. The dates for the select sale are usually announced in the News a week or two before the sale is to occur, while the times are generally announced in the week of the sale. (Sample Rules: while the rules for each sale do change at least slightly, this news post will give you a good idea of what to expect in general.)

Select sale horses are generally made a day or two in advance of the sale, and can be found in Issa's barn. Generally they are in with her 4yo+ horses, but occasionally may be in her 3yo barn if the sale occurs closer to the end of the FFH year.

Some Select Sale horses in Issa's barn.

Special PC and Pro Shop Sales

Throughout the RL year, there will be Special PC and Pro Shop Sales where PC can usually be bought at discounted rates. These usually take place in real-life April (Spring Fling), July (Summer Sizzler), November (Black Friday - the biggest sale of the year!), and January (New Year). This is a fantastic time to stock up on PC, or buy that Forever Pro account you've been after! The Pro Shop will also offer out of season and rare items for limited times over the duration of the sale period.

Yearling Auction

The yearling auction occurs every FFH year. Players who have yearlings in their barn may consign them to the auction in August. Bidding for the auction will begin in September, and last for a few days or a week.


The yearling auction has three sections: Open, Amateur/Novice, and Novice/Green. Anyone may bid on yearlings in the Open section, while Amateur/Novice is limited to players who are Amateur or below, and Novice/Green is limited to players who are Novice or below.


There is a quality filter on the auction to prevent very bad yearlings from being consigned. Every yearling at the auction is guaranteed to have at least 20-something potential (ie, is guaranteed to be at least listed quality). The quality filter is much harsher on colts than it is on fillies or geldings, so any colt purchased from the auction has a decent chance of being stud quality!

Bloodstock and Racing Auction

The Bloodstock and Racing Auctions occur every year after the Yearling Auction ends. Consignments open around November or December, and bidding starts in January. These auctions are conducted nearly exactly like the Yearling Auction, except that there is no bidding limit.

You also cannot consign barren broodmares, bloodstock with 0 slots left, or racing stock with little to no prime left to the Bloodstock or Racing Auction. Essentially, racers purchased here are guaranteed to have some decent racing time left, while bloodstock is guaranteed to be able to be bred. If you win a pregnant mare before she foals, the foal will be born in your stable. If, however, she foals before the auction ends, the foal will remain with her original owner.

The same quality filter that applies to the Yearling Auction also applies here.

Vale Of Runes

The Vale Of Runes is a very special place indeed. You'll find some magical things there throughout the seasons.

Rusty Recycler

Rusty Recycler can be heard humming and thumping as you approach him. Rusty will eat any rubbish you may want to be rid of and give you points towards filling your meter, and also the Jackpot Meter! Points are variable depending on the 'value' of the item you feed him. Rusty can be fed on the hour, and every half hour. A lot of the time Rusty will seem to be pretty mean; spitting oil in your face or throwing [Rubbish] at you but sometimes you will be pleasantly surprised when he presents you with a Rumpled Package which could contain an array of different [prizes], anything from a Mineral Block to a Rusty Figurine! There's a handy little "Recycle" link that you'll see popping up above the Current Date etc on the right hand side of the screen if Rusty is ready to be fed by you to help you remember! Keep a close eye on the Jackpot Meter - once Rusty is completely full he will throw out a Jackpot Prize, for example; Dun Token, Spilled Paint, Dirt Strong, $500k FFH Cash!

You can now visit the Rusty Recycler and forfeit rights to your horse by turning in their horse papers. Note: As it says, you are giving the Recycler your registration paper, not 'feeding' it an actual horse. (This is not an inhumane act!)

Horses who have their papers relinquished will be sent to a pasture or alternative careers. Racehorses often find second careers in the hunter/jumper/eventing disciplines, trail riding, or even sometimes lesson programs. This is essentially what you are doing when you give away rights to a horse on FFH. It leaves your barn, but is still alive and happy in a new career.

Not all horses can be given away through the recycler. Horses are ineligible if they are a yearling, stallion/retired gelding, broodmares out of foal slots, or horses under 30 potential. No, you cannot just use the recycler to toss out all of your horses who aren't stakes quality!

Water Ballon Machine

The Water Ballon Machine is active during RL Summer months. This fantastic little game involves collecting water balloons every hour, and "throwing" them at other members via their Stable Profile.


When you are hit by a Water Balloon, you'll receive a notification via your mail. A lot of times you'll be soaked by an empty balloon but if your luck is in that Balloon may contain something very exciting! The prizes vary between Items, FFH Cash and even PC!

Snowball Machine

The Snowball Machine is active during RL Winter months. This fantastic little game involves collecting snowballs every hour, and "throwing" them at other members via their Stable Profile.

When you are hit by a Snowball, you'll receive a notification via your mail. if your luck is in that Snowball may contain something very exciting! The prizes vary between Items, FFH Cash and even PC!