Special Feeds

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Special Feeds can be found at the Feed Mill. They will give extra benefits to your horses.

Pro Feeds

FeedProdigy.png FeedLegacy.png FeedOracle.png FeedVigor.png

Each of these feeds cost two Pro Coins and will have one use.

Prodigy is a feed that will improve your horses' bloodline compatibility to "average." It works for one year on studs, and a lifetime for mares.

Legacy will increase the foal limits of your breeding horses. Broodmares will gain a single foal slot, while studs will gain up to 5 slots. Legacy may only be fed once. Does not work on horses over the age of 20.

Oracle will raise your horse's max stats. You can not pick which stat it will raise, and it is useless on already highly maxing horses.

Vigor will improve your horse's fertility and guarantee she gets in foal. It has a year's effect on studs, and a lifetime effect on mares. If a broodmare is barren, feeding Vigor will raise her fertility to Low.


SuppDirt.png SuppTurf.png SupGetFit.png SupInsure.png

Each supplement has 10 uses and costs from 2-3 PC. Supplements may be fed once per game month.

Dirt Strong is a supplement that will help your horse run better on dirt tracks, improving their Dirt percentage by up to 15% This costs two PC.

Turf Star will help your horse run better on turf tracks, improving their Turf percentage by up to 15%. This costs two PC.

Get Fit will raise your horses condition each month it is fed, adding up to 15% condition per feeding. This costs three PC.

Insure will decrease risk in mares' pregnancies each month it is fed, by up to 10%. This costs three PC.