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Under the Racing tab in the Evaluations, you can visit the training advisor. The training advisor will assess the horse you choose and give you an accurate idea of what distance and surface best suited for your horse. The training advisor bases these evaluations on your horse's genes, regardless of whether or not you can see their genes. Worried you'll forget what the advisor said? Don't worry, it will show up on your horse's exercise page under their distance stars.


Router (10 to 12 furlongs)

  • Man, look at the stamina on this one! It'll have no problem holding out beyond a mile.
  • Distance isn't gonna be an issue for this one...the longer, the better!
  • Hmm...runs beyond a mile without comin' back any worse for it. Probably gonna like the longer races.

Miler (7 to 9 furlongs)

  • Huh...stamina isn't too impressive but it doesn't seem to love the sprints either. You know what that means...
  • A mile seems like the sweet spot...can't say it would do real well with any more or less.
  • This one won't fare too well in anything too extreme on either end. Seems most content runnin' about a mile.

Sprinter (4 to 6 furlongs)

  • Well...just don't ask it to go beyond a mile or it might just up and stop runnin'. Might show some promise as a sprinter.
  • You ever heard of the ol' phrase 'short and sweet'? Yep, that's about what I'd recommend for this one.
  • Y'know, I don't think this horse has a whole lotta staying power. Might want to stick to shorter distances.

Can run at any distance

  • Wowee! You always know you've struck gold when they run 'bout the same at any distance you try 'em at.
  • This one's hard to peg. Can't say it has much of a weak spot anywhere. Consider yourself lucky!
  • Seems to handle whatever comes its way. Looks like you got a versatile runner on your hands.

Run on dirt

  • Seems like this one's bred to love the dirt. Go for it!
  • You'll be missing the mark if you don't train this one for the dirt!
  • Bet this one's competition will be eating a lot of dust - and I mean that literally!

Run on turf

  • If my eyes don't deceive me, this one's pedigree screams turf. Try it out!
  • Grass! This one just loves the green stuff - and I'm not talking about eating it!

Dual runner (both surfaces are green)

  • Golly, I love horses like this. Pick your poison - it'll take just fine to whatever track you choose.¸
  • Frankly, I can't say this horse minds what his feet are running on. Seems like it could go whichever direction you point it.

Semi dual (both surface are yellow)

  • Honestly, I'm not too impressed either way. But given some patience I suppose it could probably run fine on anything.
  • Hmm...I don't notice much of a bias either way on this one. Guess you can flip a coin.