Training Your Horse

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While you're on the exercise page, you should go ahead and train your horse. When you join FFH, while you have under 25 horses in your ownership - your Horse Trader horses will come already Saddle Trained. This only applies to horses from the Horse Trader, not any other method of purchase. After this grace period, you will need to begin with selecting Saddle Training as your training option.

You should have already purchased an Evaluation from the Training Advisor. This will give you the information you need in order to know which surface and distance to train your horse for and is shown on the horses exercise page for easy reference. For the first time, select a distance within the range the Training Advisor has pointed you towards, and a surface (Dirt or Turf) also based on the advice from the Training Advisor. Once you get more advanced in the game, you'll have a better idea of when to use each of the other training options available.

All types of training will increase a horse's Condition. In addition, horse's racing stats will improve from certain training lessons. You can get a better idea of what each training type improves by clicking on the Training Help at the top of the Exercise tab. Every horse has a predetermined maximum potential (racing ability), but they must have training to reach that point! Once you have leveled up your own skills, you will be able to train them in Consistency and/or Courage to help improve those stats.

Note: All yearlings and racing must be trained each FFH month! Failure to do so will hurt their racing performance and four (4) FFH months of not feeding and training will result in the horse being taken by the rescue center. Since each RL week equals about two in-game months, this means you need to make sure to care for your horses at least once every-other RL week to avoid losing them to the rescue.