Viewing and Naming Your Horse

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One of the most important things you need to learn about your horse can be found on their profile page as well as your stable page.

You can find your Racing barn in the left sidebar on your stable's page.

Once you have purchased a horse, click the Stable tab in the navigation section at the top of the page. This will take you to your home base on FFH: Your stable. Once you are on your stable's page, you will notice links on the left sidebar. You'll want to click the link titled 'Racing', which will take you to the barn that houses all of your racing-age horses. After loading your Racing barn, you will notice additional links have been added to the sidebar on the left. These links are arranged into 'barns' by Yearlings, Racing, Breeding and Pensioned.

Any horses you have purchased from the Sales Arena or Horse Trader (HT) should appear in a list in your Racing barn unless they were already retired (bloodstock) when purchased. You might notice several abbreviations displayed on your Racing barn page, such as the horse's age, gender and color. If they are from the HT, they will be Unnamed. Clicking on their name will take you to their profile page, where you can view their picture and a host of other information about them. Take a peak around the general profile page for your horse to learn a little more about them - we'll cover areas of the horse's profile in other sections of this guide.

  • After selecting your specified barn, you may have to navigate through 'side-barns' to find horses of a specific age.
  • We'll be clicking on Earthcaller Franzahl's name to view their profile page. You'll notice this horse has been fed and trained.

The first thing you need to do is give your horse a name! There are a few rules when naming your horse.

  • You cannot use a famous horse's name (real or fictional).
  • You cannot use numbers, symbols, accented letters or emojis. Apostrophes (') are acceptable where grammatically appropriate.
  • You cannot name your horses with fake prefixes/suffixes/brands.
  • You cannot exceed the 18 character limit.
  • Please utilize standard capitalization (first letter of each word).
  • The name must be unique - meaning your horse cannot have the same name as any other horse on the site.

Once on the horse's profile page, you'll have the ability to name the horse. If the horse has not been named by you or another player, there will be a button titled 'Name Horse'. If your horse has been named by you or another player, select the 'Manage' button on the left side navigation section of the horse's profile page. Important Reminder: The manage page allows you to retire, sell and geld your horse among other things - so be very careful about what you are doing and be mindful before clicking links. Still having problems naming your horse? There are four reasons why a horse cannot obtain a name change.

  1. The breeder has chosen to lock the horse's name.
  2. If the horse has started in five or more races.
  3. If the horse has won a graded race.
  4. The horse has been retired.

Once you earn some skills, you'll be able to register a prefix for your stable and attach it to all horses you breed. A prefix can contain 1-5 letters, no numbers or symbols, and must be in all capitals. Apostrophes or dashes (' or -) are acceptable where grammatically appropriate. (You should NOT use --A-- or -'B'-.) You also cannot use an identical prefix to one currently registered to another stable. You do not need to type this prefix into horse names and will have a button to 'Register' your horses once you earn the skill. Horses found with "fake" prefixes/suffixes in their names will have their names reset by a moderator.